The Apprentice Program

My apprentice program was designed over 15 years ago. The apprentice program is a unique theory that I have poured into, designed, redesigned and adjusted over the years. Originally it was a 5 year program. The apprentice program was intended to grow hairdressers into a fully independent state. Everywhere I went they went, only 1 apprentice at a time and a very structured regimented plan. Three hairdressers came thru my program successfully in 15 years. There were a few along the way that did not fit the culture I was trying to create, they chose to pursue their own path.

In 2018 I decided that I wanted a bigger impact… let’s understand that I’ll be behind the chair for a max of 15 more years. When I’m celebrating my 55th birthday I do not want to be able to count on my own 2 hands how many people I have impacted in this industry that literally sets my soul on fire and makes my head spin. I want to not even comprehend how many lives I have impacted. We currently house 5 apprentices (bringing 2 of my veteran artists on to the mentor ride).

The intention of today’s apprentice program is that every apprentice I have and every apprentice that my team mentors will at some point some day do the same for another young artist. Let’s talk impact for a minute, 5 current apprentices mentor 3 apprentices over their own careers. That is 15 additional impacted + the current 5, then those 15 help 45, then they help 135… and the list goes on for an impact greater than I could ever create on my own.

My mother was my mentor and this is possibly why I am so passionate about my program. I feel that I owe it back… it was done for me therefore I must provide it to another person. My greatest hope is that I can ingrain that attitude in the apprentices @ BellaCapelli Hair Craft. How can I be so sure that I will? I can’t, but it doesn’t mean I will not try my very best with everything I have.

Our program is currently full, join the wait list here or visit our education site for other opportunities available.

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